Mei Melancon (1984 - )
a.k.a. Meiling Melancon
X-Men: The Last Stand (X-Men 3; XIII) (2006) [Psylocke]: Disintegrated by Famke Janssen's powers (along with Ken Leung and Omahyra Mota) while Mei, Ken and Omahyra are running away during the chaos. (Note: The novelization has her escape by teleporting into the shadows, leading to some fan speculation about her survival, but in the actual film, she can clearly be seen breaking apart at the edge of the screen.) (Thanks to Leah)

Pathology (2008) [Dr. Catherine Ivy]: Burned to death, along with Dan Callahan and Johnny Whitworth, in an explosion caused when Dan lights a meth pipe after Milo Ventimiglia had turned on the gas valve in the morgue.
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Mei Melancon in 'Pathology'