Melanie Griffith in 'Lolita' (1997)
Melanie Griffith (1957 - )
Daughter of
Tippi Hedren
Half-sister of Tracy Griffith
Ex-Mrs. Don Johnson
Steven Bauer
Mrs. Antonio Banderas
In the Spirit (1990) [Lureen]: Deliberately hit with a car (off-screen) driven by Chad Burton, after she leaves a cafe; we hear the impact from inside the cafe, and her body is shown afterwards (mostly covered by a jacket, with just her legs sticking out) when Elaine May and Marlo Thomas run out to see what happened. (Thanks to Frank)

Lolita (1997) [Charlotte Haze]: Hit by a car (off-screen); her body is shown lying in the road afterwards when Jeremy Irons comes out of the house and sees her.
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