Me Me Lay in 'Crucible of Terror'
Me Me Lay's bronzed body in 'Crucible of Terror'
Me Me Lay (1952 - )
a.k.a. Me Me Lai
Crucible of Terror (1971) [Chi-San]: Covered with molten bronze after being encased in plaster (while unconscious) by Mike Raven. We only see her eye widening in terror as she wakes up right before he pours the metal over her. The statue containing her body is shown several times during the movie. Me Me's spirit later possesses Mary Maude to seek revenge; Mary even takes on Me Me's appearance right before her own death, but she's so badly burned and disfigured that I can't tell whether it was Mary or Me Me under the make-up in that final scene. (Nudity alert: Topless) (Thanks to Thomas)

The Man from Deep River (Il Paese del sesso selvaggio; Deep River Savages; Mondo Cannibale; Sacrifice!) (1973) [Maraya]: Reportedly dies in Ivan Rassimov's arms shortly after childbirth. (I haven't seen this movie myself.) (Thanks to Johan)

Jungle Holocaust (Ultimo mondo cannibale; Cannibal; Carnivorous; The Last Survivor) (1977) [Pulan]: Reportedly gets her torso slashed open by cannibals, who then put burning coals in her chest cavity. (Again, I haven't seen this myself.) (Nudity alert: Full frontal) (Thanks to Johan)

Eaten Alive (Mangiata vivi; Doomed to Die; Eaten Alive by the Cannibals; Emerald Jungle) (1980) [Mowara]: Reportedly gets her torso slashed open by cannibals, etc... (The filmmakers simply recycled the footage of Me Me's death scene from Jungle Holocaust, rather than shoot a "new" death scene for this movie!) (Nudity alert: Full frontal) (Thanks to Johan)
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