Merle Kennedy in 'Convict 762'
Merle Kennedy (1967 - )
The Apocalypse (1997) [Mailai]: Neck reportedly snapped by Michelle Ann Johnson after Frank Zagarino ties Merle to a chair to interrogate her. (I haven't seen this movie myself.) (Thanks to Disciplesoffufkin)

Convict 762 (1997) [Lincoln]: Slashed to death (off-screen) by either Billy Drago or Frank Zagarino (it's ambiguous which one is the real killer). Her body is shown afterwards when her crewmates discover her, and again later on when Frank taunts Shannon Sturges by dancing with Merle's corpse in the ship's morgue.

May (2002) [Mama Canady]: Dies (off-screen), presumably of natural causes, between the opening scenes of Chandler Hecht as "Young May" and the main portion of the movie with Angela Bettis as the adult "May."
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