Mia Sara in 'Time Trax: A Stranger in Time'
Mia Sara (1967 - )
Ex-Mrs. Jason Connery
Mrs. Brian Henson
Time Trax: A Stranger in Time (1993) [Elyssa Channing-Knox/Annie Knox]: Playing a dual role as the 22nd-century "Elyssa" and her 20th-century ancestor "Annie," "Elyssa" dies of "time-shock" after Peter Donat activates the time machine while holding her hostage (without her having taken the chemical to acclimate her body to time-travel). She dies shortly after Peter dematerializes and leaves her behind, as Dale Midkiff kneels by her side. ("Annie" survives the episode.) (Thanks to Ktulu)

Timecop (1994) [Melissa Walker]: In the original timeline, she is killed in an explosion when Ron Silver's men blow up the house. In the revised timeline after Jean-Claude Van Damme goes back in time, she is shot by Ron as Jean-Claude looks on helplessly. She is brought back to life when the younger version of Ron is killed, undoing all of Ron's actions. (Thanks to Ktulu and Bambinonero)

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