Waxwork (1988) [China Webster]: Bitten on the throat and drained of blood by Miles O'Keeffe in one of the "waxwork worlds," turning her into part of the museum display. She later comes back to life as a vampire, and is stabbed in the back with a wooden stake by Joe Baker. (Thanks to Christopher)

Genuine Risk (1990) [Girl]: Shot in the head (off-camera) by Terence Stamp; they move out of camera range after Terence puts the gun to her head. Her body is shown lying on the floor afterwards when Peter Berg confronts Terence. (Thanks to Stephen)

Tales from the Crypt: Split Second (1991) [Liz Kelly-Dixon]: Bisected with a chainsaw (off-screen) by Billy Wirth, after the other lumberjacks gag both Michelle and Brion James and place them in hollow logs (so that the blind Billy doesn't know they're inside); the episode ends with Brion being cut in half and Michelle helplessly awaiting the same fate. (Thanks to Stephen)

Dr. Giggles (1992) [Tamara]: Blood drained after Larry Drake sticks a stomach-pump down her throat. (Thanks to Jake)

Till Murder Do Us Part (A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story) (1992) [Linda Kolkena Broderick]: Shot to death, along with Stephen Collins, by Meredith Baxter. (I haven't seen this movie, but I'm familiar with the basic facts of the real-life case.) (Michelle also appears in flashbacks in the 1992 sequel Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick, the Last Chapter, though I haven't seen that one either.)

Melrose Place: The Test (1993) [Perry Morgan]: Possibly (but not definitely) dies of AIDS-related complications at some point after this episode. She revealed her illness in this episode and did not appear afterwards; its possible but not certain that she died off-screen during the rest of the series' run. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Murder, She Wrote: Ship of Thieves (1993) [Janet Fisk]: Shot in the head (off-camera) by Lee Meriwether in the ship's hold, after Lee knocks her unconscious with a wrench; we only hear the shots after Michelle is knocked out. Her body is shown afterwards when a crewman discovers her.

Illicit Dreams (1995) [Melinda Ryan]: Garroted by Joseph Cortese in her car; he then hangs her body by the neck and leaves her for Shannon Tweed to discover. (Thanks to Eric)
Michelle Johnson in 'Murder, She Wrote: Ship of Thieves'
Michelle Johnson (1965 - )
Ex-Mrs. Matt Williams
(baseball player)
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