Michelle Monaghan (1976 - )
Mission: Impossible III (M:I:III) (2006) [Julia Meade]: Shot in the head by Philip Seymour Hoffman while Philip is interrogating Tom Cruise. It's later revealed that this was actually Bahar Soomekh disguised as Michelle, but since Michelle was actually performing the scene until the unmasking, I'm listing it for both actresses. (The real Michelle survives the movie.) (Thanks to Bill and Eric)

Source Code (2011) [Christina Warren]: In several parallel universes that are accessed when Jake Gyllenhaal's mind is sent into them, she is killed in an explosion (along with everybody else on the train) when Michael Arden's bomb goes off; the explosion is repeated several times as Jake is sent back again and again. In one parallel universe, she is shot to death by Michael when she arrives during Jake's confrontation with Michael. She survives in the "final" parallel after Jake prevents the explosion, as well as in one previously-accessed parallel in which she follows Jake off the train. (Thanks to Tommy)
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Michelle Monaghan in 'Source Code'