Michelle Rodriguez in 'Resident Evil'
Michelle Rodriguez (1978 - )
Resident Evil (2002) [Rain Ocampo]: After being bitten by one of the zombies, she
eventually dies from the virus while she and the others try to escape on a train; she
immediately returns as a zombie and is shot in the head by
Eric Mabius. (Thanks to
Michelle, Charlie, Gary, and Germboygel

BloodRayne (2005) [Katarin]: Neck snapped by Kristanna Loken at the end of a
fight; Kristanna then bites Michelle on the throat and drains her blood. (
Thanks to

The Breed (2006) [Nicki]: Presumably mauled to death (off-screen), along with
Oliver Hudson and Eric Lively, by the feral dog on the boat; the movie ends with the
dog springing out at them after they open the hatch. (
Thanks to PortsGuy)

Lost: Two for the Road (2006) [Ana-Lucia Cortez]: Shot in the stomach by Harold
Perrineau Jr. after she hands him the gun. (Thanks to PortsGuy, Jake, Morgan, Alex,
Paowz, Asdrubale and Jill

Avatar (2009) [Trudy Chacon]: Killed in an explosion when Stephen Lang fires a
missile at her helicopter. (
Thanks to Melissa and Tommy)

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) [Rain Ocampo]: Playing clones of her character
from the original 2002
Resident Evil, the good clone's neck is snapped when a
creature knocks her into a pillar. The evil clone is devoured by zombies after
Jovovich shoots out the ice from under her, causing her to fall into the water with the
zombies. (
Thanks to Tim)

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