Michelle Trachtenberg in 'Black Christmas' (2006)
Michelle Trachtenberg (1985 - )
Black Christmas (2006) [Melissa Kitt]: Has two different death scenes in the US and UK versions of the film. (US): Stabbed/hacked in the back of the head when Dean Friss throws an ice skate at her. (UK): Eyes torn out by Dean Friss after Dean puts a plastic bag over her head. Her body is shown again later on when Katie Cassidy and Kristen Cloke discover her in the attic. (Thanks to Jamie, TravellingMan, Robert, Domikate, Steve, Cody, Andre, Scott, Lucky, Emo, Beau, and George)

Criminal Minds: Zugzwang (2013) [Diane Turner]: Commits suicide by shooting herself in the head while holding Beth Riesgraf hostage (so that the bullet goes through Michelle's head and into Beth's). (Thanks to Pezzie and Uncle Fester)

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