Mimi Rogers in 'Bulletproof Heart'
Mimi Rogers (1956 - )
Tom Cruise
Mrs. Chris Ciaffa
The Rapture (1991) [Sharon]: Dies (along with everybody else on Earth) when the Rapture comes and the world ends. (Thanks to Mac)

Tales from the Crypt: Beauty Rest (1992) [Helen]: Given a lethal injection by Buck Henry; the scene fades away as the needle draws closer. Her partly-dissected body is shown afterwards, on display on stage during a coroners' convention.

Bulletproof Heart (Killer) (1994) [Fiona]: Shot in the back (off-camera) by Matt Craven; her body is shown afterwards when Anthony LaPaglia rushes in just in time to see her fall out of her chair.

Reflections in the Dark (Reflections on a Crime) (1994) [Regina]: Executed (off-screen) in the electric chair; the movie fades to black as she walks to the execution chamber.

Lost in Space (1998) [Dr. Maureen Robinson]: Killed in an explosion (along with Lacey Chabert, Heather Graham, Jack Johnson, and Matt LeBlanc) when a meteor hits the ship as they try to leave the planet; their deaths are undone when William Hurt goes back in time and prevents the explosion. (Additionally, in the alternate-future scenes, her grave is shown and it's revealed that Gary Oldman killed her, Lacey, and Heather at some point in time.) (Thanks to Mark, PortsGuy, and GLC)

The X-Files: The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati (1999) [Agent Diana Fowley]: Shot to death (off-screen). (Thanks to Gary)

Big Nothing (2006) [Mrs. Smalls]: Deliberately hit by a car driven by Alice Eve, after Alice had previously hit Mimi on the head with a hatchet. (Thanks to ND)

Penny Dreadful (2006) [Orianna Volkes]: Stabbed repeatedly in the chest and back by Liz Davies in the woods. Her body is shown afterwards when Rachel Miner regains consciousness and finds herself trapped in the car beside Mimi's body, and the murder is shown on the video-camera playback when Rachel watches it.
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