Mischa Barton in 'The OC: The Graduates'
Mischa Barton (1986 - )
The Sixth Sense (1999) [Kyra Collins]: Gradually poisoned (off-screen) over a long period of time by her mother (Angelica Torn), due to Angelica's Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Mischa appears as a ghost to Haley Joel Osment, and the cause of her death is revealed on a videotape that Haley gives to her father (Greg Wood) at her funeral. (Thanks to Hayley, Tal, Laura, Jessica, and Matt)

The OC: The Graduates (2006) [Marissa Cooper]: Fatally injured in a car crash while Benjamin McKenzie is driving; Benjamin pulls her out of the car before it explodes, but she dies of her injuries shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Larry, Matt, Connor, and Eryk)
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