Missy Peregrym's final on-screen appearance in 'Heroes: How to Stop an Exploding Man'
Missy Peregrym's true appearance (actual actress uncredited) dead in 'Heroes: Kindred'
Missy Peregrym (1982 - )
Heroes: Five Years Gone (2007) [Candice Willmer]: Although Missy does not actually appear in this episode (which takes place in an alternate future timeline), it's revealed that Zachary Quinto had sliced her head open with his telekinetic powers in order to steal her illusion powers, at some point between the "present" and the future timeline. This particular future is later prevented from coming about.

Heroes: Kindred (2007) [Candice Willmer]: See Rachel Kimsey. (Thanks to the character's illusion powers, Rachel played the part when the character was killed; since Missy had played the character in all her previous appearances, I'm listing this as a death scene for both Missy and Rachel.)
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