Moira Shearer in 'The Red Shoes'
Moira Shearer (1926 - 2006)
Mrs. Ludovic Kennedy
The Red Shoes (1948) [Victoria Page]: Hit by a train after her ballet slippers compel her to dance into its path; she dies shortly afterwards with Marius Goring at her side.

The Story of Three Loves (Equilibrium; Three Stories of Love) (1953) [Paula Woodward]: Dies of a heart attack after performing one last dance recital for James Mason. (I haven't seen this movie myself, but got the information from the book The Films of James Mason.)

Peeping Tom (Face of Fear; The Fotographer of Panic) (1960) [Vivian]: Stabbed in the throat (off-screen) by Carl Boehm with his tripod-blade in the movie studio. The scene fades out as the blade approaches her throat; her body is shown afterwards (partially obscured) inside a trunk when the police investigate.
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