Monica Bellucci (1964 - )
Vincent Cassel
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) [Dracula's Bride]: Stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake by Anthony Hopkins (along with Michaela Bercu and Florina Kendrick). The actual stakings are out of camera frame; the three vampiress' severed heads are shown afterwards when Anthony carries them out and throws them from the castle tower.

L'Appartement (The Apartment) (1996) [Lisa]: Burned to death after Jean-Philippe Ecoffey douses the apartment in gasoline and sets it on fire; we only see the blaze spreading through the room, followed by an exterior shot of the burning apartment. (Thanks to Cryptic)

Like a Fish Out of Water (Comme un poisson hors de l'eau) (1999) [Myrtille]: Shot in the back during a shoot-out with several other people. (Thanks to Cryptic)

Irreversible (2002) [Alex]: Possibly fatally injured when her head is bashed against the pavement by a rapist in a subway tunnel; it's never confirmed whether or not she survives. (Thanks to HW)

The Brothers Grimm (2005) [Mirror Queen]: Shattered into pieces after Matt Damon smashes the magic mirror. (Thanks to Francesco and Tommy)

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Monica Bellucci in 'The Brothers Grimm'