Monika Zallinger (with Arno Frisch, Frank Giering, and Christoph Bantzer) before her off-screen death in 'Funny Games' (1997)
Monika Zallinger
Funny Games (1997) [Eva]: Killed (off-screen, method unspecified), along with her family, by Arno Frisch and Frank Giering in her house. Neither the murder nor her body is shown; her death is revealed when Stefan Clapczynski goes into the house to hide or get help, and sees the body of Monika's daughter through the doorway. (Monika's only actual appearance in the movie is a very distant shot when Susanne Lothar and Ulrich Muhe arrive and see her out on the lawn with Arno, Frank, and Christoph Bantzer.) (See also Linda Moran in the 2007 version.)
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