Najwa Nimri in 'Before Night Falls'
Najwa Nimri dead in 'Before Night Falls'
Najwa Nimri (1972 - )
Open Your Eyes (Abre los ojos) (1997) [Nuria]: Two scenes: (1) Commits suicide by deliberately crashing her car. (We see the crash, but don't see her body afterwards.) It's suggested that she might have survived, but it's also suggested that her appearance in later scenes are hallucinations. (2) Smothered with a pillow while making love with Eduardo Noriega.  Although we see Najwa during the scene, it's possible that he's hallucinating.  It's ambiguous whether the real victim is Najwa or Penelope Cruz, or even if the murder itself ever actually happened. (Nudity alert: Topless) (See also Cameron Diaz' death scenes in the remake Vanilla Sky.)

Before Night Falls (2000) [Fina Zorilla Ochoa]: Commits suicide by jumping from a balcony; her body is shown lying in the street below afterwards.
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