Nancy Barrett in 'House of Dark Shadows'
Nancy Barrett (1943 - )
Ex-Mrs. David Ford
Dark Shadows (I don't know the exact episode dates) [Carolyn Collins Stoddard Hawkes/Millicent Collins Forbes/Charity Trask/Pansy Faye/Leticia Faye/Melanie Collins]: Playing several different characters during the course of this soap opera, I assume that "Carolyn" met the same fate as in the feature film House of Dark Shadows. (Some of her other characters may have also died as well.) (I haven't seen this series myself.)

House of Dark Shadows (1970) [Carolyn Stoddard]: Bitten on the throat by Jonathan Frid; she dies of blood loss shortly after John Karlen leads her back to the house. She later comes back to life as a vampire, and dies once again when Thayer David drives a wooden stake through her heart.
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