Nastassja Kinski (1959 - )
a.k.a. Nastassia Kinski, a.k.a. Nastassja Nakszynski
Daughter of Klaus Kinski
Sister of Pola Kinski
Cousin of
Lara Naszinsky
Ex-Mrs. Ibrahim Moussi
Tess (1979) [Tess Durbeyfield]: Executed by hanging (off-screen); the movie ends with her being led away after being arrested at Stonehenge, followed by a screen of text informing us of her execution. (Thanks to Kate and Mac)

The Moon in the Gutter (La Lune dans le caniveau) (1983) [Loretta]: Appears as a corpse in a dream sequence, when Gerard Depardieu uncovers Katya Berger's body in the morgue and reveals Nastassja's face in place of Katya's. (It's suggested at the end that Gerard might have killed Nastassja off-screen, but it's not confirmed one way or the other.) (Thanks to Jack)

Savior (1998) [Maria]: Killed in an explosion, along with her son (Catlin Foster), when a terrorist bomb goes off in a cafe. Her body is shown afterwards in the rubble when Dennis Quaid rushes in. (Note: the description I had listed previously was actually a description of Natasa Ninkovic's death scene.) (Thanks to Joe, Nemanja and John)

The Claim (2000) [Elena Burn/Elena Dillon]: Dies of a terminal illness. (Thanks to John)

Rip It Off (Beyond the City Limits) (2001) [Misha]: Shot in the stomach by Steve Harris in an alley; she dies shortly after she, Alyson Hannigan, and Jennifer Esposito make it to their getaway boat. (Thanks to Matt)
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Nastassja Kinski in 'Rip It Off'