Natasha Henstridge (1974 - )
Ex-Mrs. Damian Chapa
Mrs. Darius Campbell
Species (1995) [Sil]: Dies (off-screen) after giving birth to her alien/human hybrid offspring. Her body (in its alien form) is shown afterwards when the heroes discover it. (By the time of her death, Natasha has been replaced by her special-effects alien form for several scenes.)

South Park: Tom's Rhinoplasty (1998; animated) [Ms. Ellen]: Burned to death after being trapped inside a rocket and shot into the sun. (Thanks to Robert)

Species II (1998) [Eve]: Seemingly mortally injured in her alien form while fighting the other alien, she resumes human form as she apparently dies. (The 2004 sequel revealed that she wasn't actually dead yet, but at the time, the movie leaves it open-ended as to whether or not she dies.)

Standoff (1998) [Mary]: Shot several times in the stomach by a government trooper while she's holding a gun on Robert Sean Leonard. (I've only seen a brief clip out of context, so I may be misinterpreting the situation.) (Thanks to G-Man)

A Better Way to Die (2000) [Kelly]: Tortured to death (off-screen) by Mo Gallini in her bedroom; her body is shown afterwards when Scott Wiper discovers her. (Thanks to ND)

Species III (2004) [Eve]: After recovering from her apparent death in Species II, her neck is snapped by her hybrid offspring (using his prehensile tongue) while she's in the process of giving birth to another hybrid in the military ambulance. Her body is shown again later on in the morgue when the coroner gives his report to a military officer. (Thanks to Disciplesoffufkin and Charm)

Deception (2008) [Wall Street Analyst]: Garroted with a wire (off-screen) by Hugh Jackman; her body is shown afterwards in the morgue when Lisa Gay Hamilton brings in Ewan McGregor to identify the body. (Thanks to Fleming)
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Natasha Henstridge in 'Species III'