Nicole Parker in 'Meet the Spartans'
Nicole Parker falling to her death in 'Meet the Spartans'
Nicole Parker (1978 - )
Disaster Movie (2008) [Enchanted Princess/Amy Winehouse Look-Alike]: Playing a dual role, "Enchanted Princess" is slashed to death (along with Gary 'G Thang' Johnson) with a katana by a giant panda, after she reveals that she's actually a man. (The character is played by Johnny Rock during the death scene, but since it was Nicole playing the character up to that point, I'm listing it for her as well.) ("Amy Winehouse Look-Alike" survives the movie.) (Played for comic effect.)

Meet the Spartans (2008) [Britney Spears/Paris Hilton/Paula Abdul/Ellen DeGeneres]: Playing multiple roles, "Britney," "Paula," and "Ellen" are all knocked into the Pit of Death by Sean Maguire at different points during the movie. ("Paris" survives the movie.) (All played for comic effect.)
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