Nicole Taylor in 'CSI Miami: Sudden Death'
Nicole Taylor (1983 - )
a.k.a. Nicole Lin Taylor
CSI Miami: Sudden Death (2010) [Kristen Banks]: Dies of "delayed drowning" when her lungs fill with fluid after James Frain forces champagne down her throat; she dies hours later while lying asleep beside Zane Holtz. Her body is shown afterwards as the CSI team investigates and again in the morgue; her death is shown in flashbacks as the case is pieced together.

CSI NY: Flag on the Play (2010) [Kristen Melvoy]: Dies of anaphylactic shock from an allergic reaction when Tom Parker gives her an injection of lidocaine in preparation for a silicone injection; he then places her body in the whirlpool bath in an attempt to cover up the evidence. Her body is shown afterwards when her teammates discover her, and again as the CSI team investigates; her death is shown in a flashback later on.

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