Nieves Navarro/Susan Scott in 'The Slasher'
Nieves Navarro (1938 - )
a.k.a. Susan Scott
El Rojo (1967) [Consuela]: Shot to death by Piero Lulli when she gets in front of Richard Harrison and takes the bullet for him. (Thanks to Andrea)

Death Walks on High Heels (La Morte cammina con i tacchi alti) (1971) [Nicole Rochard]: Smothered with a pillow by Frank Wolff. Her body is shown again later on when she's discovered floating in the ocean. (Thanks to Johan)

All the Colors of the Dark (Tutti i colori del buio; Day of the Maniac; Demons of the Dead; They're Coming to Get You) (1972) [Barbara Harrison]: Shot in the stomach by George Hilton; the scene ends while she is still writhing on the floor. Despite this apparent murder, the police later inform Edwige Fenech that Nieves has committed suicide, so it's unclear whether something else happened off-screen after this scene. (Thanks to Johan)

The Slasher (Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadro mobile; Bad Girls; The Slasher Is the Sex Maniac; So Naked, So Dead; Penetration) (1972) [Lily]: Throat slashed beside the pond in her garden by Chris Avram. Her body is shown again when Farley Granger investigates the crime scene, assisted by the unsuspected Chris.

The Magnificent Dare Devil (Troppo rischio per un uomo solo) (1973) [Nina]: Stabbed in the neck (off-screen) by Mario Erpichini; her body is shown afterwards lying on the floor while the police investigate. (Thanks to Johan)

Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibali; Emanuelle's Amazon Adventure; Trap Them and Kill Them) (1977) [Maggie McKenzie]: Crotch torn out by the cannibals after being tied to a stake. (Nudity alert: Full frontal) (Thanks to Johan)
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