Nikki Fritz in 'Stripteaser'
Nikki Fritz
Stripteaser (Zippers Clown Palace) (1995) [Sandra]: Shot in the chest during a shoot-out with gangsters at the strip club.

Caged Women II (1996) [Sheriff Riley]: Stabbed in the back by Deborah Dutch. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)

Fugitive Rage (1996) [Nurse Wendy]: Shot in the head by Ross Hagen after she walks in on Ross and Jay Richardson interrogating Shauna O'Brien. (Thanks to G-Man)

Strip for Action (Hot Ticket) (1996) [Crystal]: Shot in the stomach when her gun goes off during a struggle with Maria Ford and the hero (I've only seen this clip out of context, so I couldn't identify the actor). (Thanks to G-Man)

Hybrid (1997) [Susan]: Killed by an alien; we see her face get thrown up against a window, followed by a splatter of blood after she falls out of the frame.

Cheerleader Massacre (2003) [Debbie]: Falls to her death when John Colton cuts the supporting rope to a suspension bridge while she's trying to cross it. Her body is shown lying on the ground afterwards. (Thanks to Disciplesoffufkin)

Curse of the Erotic Tiki (Bikini a Go Go) (2004) [Darvella]: Electrocuted when Erik Warner throws water on her robot henchman (John Swipe), short-circuiting him; John then explodes, causing John and Nikki to disappear in a puff of smoke. (Played for comic effect.)
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