Nikki Reed in 'American Gun' (2005)
Nikki Reed (1988 - )
Daughter of Seth Reed
(art director)
American Gun (2005) [Tally]: Shot in the chest by Brian Avery during a convenience-store robbery. (Thanks to Eric)

Chain Letter (2010) [Jessie Campbell]: Torn in half after the killer chains her up between two cars belonging to her parents (Phil Austin and Madison Bauer), and they drive off dragging her behind them before finally separating. The scene is shown at the beginning of the movie (with the victim's identity hidden), then shown again in more detail at the end after it's revealed to be Nikki. (Thanks to Chris)

Catch .44 (2011) [Kara]: Shot in the chest by Jill Stokesberry in a diner. (Thanks to Matthew)

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