Noelia Noel in 'Santo en El Tesoro de Dracula'
Noelia Noel (1933 - )
Santo en El Tesoro de Dracula (Santo in The Treasure of Dracula) (1969) [Luisa Sepulveda/Luisa Soler]: Playing a dual role as the 20th-century "Luisa Sepulveda" and her 19th-century past-life incarnation "Luisa Soler," the 19th-century Luisa is bitten on the throat and drained of blood (off-screen) by Aldo Monti; her body is shown lying in her coffin as Fernando Mendoza prepares to stab her in the chest with a wooden stake. The scene ends as El Santo uses his time-travel/regression machine to bring the 20th-century Luisa's consciousness back to her own time before the death of her past life.
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