Nora Zehetner in 'May'
Nora Zehetner (1981 - )
May (2002) [Hoop]: Stabbed in the neck with a scalpel by Angela Bettis, while Jeremy Sisto looks on in shock. (Thanks to Pat)

R.S.V.P. (2002) [Leigh Franklin]: Neck snapped by Rick Otto in the bathroom; he then places her body in the bathtub.

Heroes: Fallout (2006) [Eden McCain]: Commits suicide/sacrifices herself by shooting herself in the head, to prevent Zachary Quinto from stealing her powers. (Thanks to B, Alex, Tom, Tamer, and Ru)

Grey's Anatomy: Sanctuary (2010) [Dr. Reed Adamson]: Shot in the head by Michael O'Neill after she refuses to tell him where Patrick Dempsey is. (Thanks to Jacob)
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