Olga Georges-Picot (lower left) with Brigitte Fossey (upper right) in 'Honor Among Thieves'
Olga Georges-Picot (1944 - 1997)
Honor Among Thieves (Adieu l'ami; Farewell, Friend) (1968) [Isabelle Manue]: Shot to death, along with Brigitte Fossey, by police while fleeing through the building. The scene ends in a freeze-frame as soon as they're shot, then cuts immediately to their bodies lying on the floor. (Thanks to Quacker and Capricorn)

Persecution (The Graveyard; Sheba; The Terror of Sheba) (1974) [Monique Kalfon]: Stabbed in the side (off-screen) by Ralph Bates; her body is shown afterwards when Lana Turner confronts Ralph. (Thanks to Brian)
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