Olivia Hussey in 'The Man with Bogart's Face'
Olivia Hussey (1951 - )
Dean Paul Martin
Ex-Mrs. Akira Fuse
(Japanese singer/actor)
Mrs. David Glen Eisley
Mother of Alexander Martin
Romeo and Juliet (1968) [Juliet]: Commits suicide by stabbing herself in the chest, after waking up from her feigned death and discovering that Leonard Whiting has taken poison. (Thanks to Mac, Charm, Robert, and Patrick)

Lost Horizon (1973) [Maria]: Rapidly ages to death when she leaves Shangri-La with Michael York, causing her to lose her immortality and revert to her true age. (I haven't seen this version, but have read the plot summary in the book The Fifty Worst Films of All Time.)

The Man with Bogart's Face (Sam Marlowe, Private Eye) (1980) [Elsa Borsht]: Beaten and strangled (off-screen) by Herbert Lom; her body is shown afterwards when Richard Bakalyan brings Robert Sacchi to where she was dumped so that Robert can identify her.

Psycho IV: The Beginning (1990) [Norma Bates]: Poisoned, along with Thomas Schuster, when her son (Henry Thomas) puts poison in their tea. (Thanks to Jack and Robert)
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