Orchidea de Santis in 'The Killer Wore Gloves'
Orchidea de Santis (1948 - )
The Killer Wore Gloves (La muerta llama a las diez) (1974) [Shirley]: Slashed across the stomach with a sickle by Bruno Corazzari after he breaks into her apartment; her body is shown again afterwards when Gillian Hills discovers her. (Thanks to Johan)

Red Light Girls (Prostituzione; Love Angels; Sex Slayer; Street Angels) (1974) [Benedetta]: Killed (off-screen) during a gang-rape by a group of bikers in the woods. The scene cuts away during the rape; her body is shown lying on the ground afterwards when the scene cuts back. (Nudity alert: Topless and rear) (Thanks to Johan)
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