Ornella Muti in 'Tales of Ordinary Madness'
Ornella Muti (1955 - )
Dirty Pictures (Un Posto ideale per uccidere; An Ideal Place to Kill; Deadly Trap; Oasis of Fear) (1971) [Ingrid]: Killed in a car crash/explosion, along with Ray Lovelock, when their car goes over a cliff. (I haven't seen this movie myself, but got the information from a magazine review/summary.)

Viva Italia! (I Nuovi mostri; The New Monsters) (1977) [Hitchhiker]: Shot to death by Alfredo Adami in his car, after she pretends to have a gun in order to discourage his attentions. (Thanks to Lucky Luke)

Tales of Ordinary Madness (Storie di ordinaria follia) (1981) [Cass]: Commits suicide (off-screen), exact method unspecified. Her body is shown afterwards (dressed in a nun's habit) when Ben Gazzara goes to her funeral.

The Hitchhiker: True Believer (1985) [Sister Theresa]: Plays a ghost who died several years before the episode takes place. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Last Run (2001) [Danny]: Shot to death while running down a corridor. (Thanks to Bill)
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