Pamela Bellwood in 'Choices of the Heart'
Pamela Bellwood (1951 - )
Choices of the Heart (In December the Roses Will Bloom Again) (1983) [Dorothy]: Killed (off-screen), along with Melissa Gilbert and another missionary, after being raped by a group of Salvadorian soldiers. Her body is shown afterwards when they are found in a crude mass grave. (Thanks to Johan)

Dynasty: The Choice (1986) [Claudia Barrows Blaisdel Carrington]: Burned to death when the candles she was lighting accidentally set fire to the curtains and then the whole room. The episode reportedly ends with a close-up of her terror-stricken face in the burning room; the next episode (The Victory) confirmed that she was killed, but did not show her body. (Thanks to Johan)

Heartless (1997) [Jennifer Chadway]: Dies (off-screen) of a drug overdose; her body is shown afterwards when Madchen Amick discovers her. (Thanks to The Midnight Club)
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