Pamela Murphy in 'Hawaii Five-O: Bored, She Hung Herself'
Pamela Murphy (1945 - )
Ex-Mrs. Michael Macready
Mother of Oliver Macready and John Macready
Hawaii Five-O: Bored, She Hung Herself (1970) [Wanda Parker]: Strangled (off-screen) by Eugene McDunnah, who then hangs her body to make it look like suicide. her body is shown afterwards when Joel Berliner discovers her, then being carried out on a stretcher. (Note: After the initial broadcast, this episode was pulled from syndication due to the real-life death of a viewer who attempted to imitate the non-lethal hanging technique used by another character in the episode. This episode has never been shown in reruns and is not included in the Hawaii Five-O: The Second Season DVD collection; consequently, I have not actually seen it myself.) (Thanks to Jerry)

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