Patricia Clarkson in 'Carrie' (2002)
Patricia Clarkson (1959 - )
The Green Mile (1999) [Melinda Moores]: Dies (off-screen), presumably of natural causes, at some point between the flashback scenes that comprise the body of the movie and the present-day framing sequence. It's been a while since I've seen this movie, but I believe her name was mentioned by Dabbs Greer in a list of his friends who had died.

Carrie (2002) [Margaret White]: Dies when Angela Bettis uses her telekinetic powers to stop Patricia's heart, while Patricia is trying to drown Angela in a bathtub. (See also Piper Laurie's very different death scene in the 1976 version.)

Dogville (2003) [Vera]: Machine-gunned (along with everybody else in the town) by James Caan's thugs. The massacre is so chaotic, it's difficult to see precisely what's happening, but Patricia's body is shown lying on the floor during all the carnage. (Thanks to Vincent, Artur, and Dick Hertz)

The Woods (2006) [Ms. Traverse]: Decapitated with an axe (off-camera) by Agnes Bruckner, after Agnes first hits her in the shoulder with the axe. (Thanks to Keenan and Frank)

One Day (2011) [Alison]: Dies (off-screen) of cancer, during the passage of time between scenes; her death is confirmed when Ken Stott mentions it to Georgia King. (Thanks to Anthony)
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