Patricia Jessel in 'Horror Hotel'
Patricia Jessel (1920 - 1968)
Horror Hotel (The City of the Dead) (1960) [Elizabeth Selwyn a.k.a Mrs. Newless]: Executed by being burned at the stake in the 17th-century prologue sequence; she later returns to life through her supernatural powers and lives on to the 20th century. She finally dies (off-screen) when her followers fail to sacrifice Betta St. John in time to complete their ritual, causing her to return to her burned state; her body is shown afterwards when Betta and Dennis Lotis discover her. (Thanks to Stephen)

Hamlet (1961) [Gertrude]: Poisoned when she drinks from a cup that Sidney Tafler had intended for Barry Foster.

A Jolly Bad Fellow (They All Died Laughing) (1964) [Mrs. Pugh-Smith]: Poisoned when Leo McKern spikes her drink with his intoxicating poison; she dies after running into the street and singing until she collapses.

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