Patricia Quinn in 'Hammer House of Horror: Witching Time'
Patricia Quinn (1944 - )
Ex-Mrs. Don Hawkins
Mrs. Robert Stephens
I, Claudius (1976) [Livilla]: Dies of starvation (off-screen) after her mother (Margaret Tyzack) locks her in her room without food.

Hammer House of Horror: Witching Time (1980) [Lucinda Jessop]: Drowned in a horse trough by Prunella Gee. After Prunella rescues Jon Finch from a burning barn, Patricia's body has mysteriously disappeared from the trough. However, when Jon throws a voodoo doll into the fire, we hear Patricia screaming (though we don't see her.)

Doctor Who: Dragonfire (1987) [Belasz]: Frozen to death by Edward Peel's sub-zero body temperature when he puts his hands on each side of her head.
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