Hennessy (1975) [Angie Hennessy]: Accidentally machine-gunned, along with her mother (Diana Fairfax), by a British soldier when he loses control of his gun during a riot. Her body is shown again later on during her funeral. (Thanks to Tony)

Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) [Rika Van Den Haas]: Drowned (off-screen) by thugs. Her body is shown afterwards when Mel Gibson discovers her after being thrown underwater himself, and again when Mel is carrying her body around the beach in grief.

Kill Cruise (Der Skipper; The Storm) (1990) [Su]: Smothered with a pillow by Elizabeth Hurley in the cabin of the boat, after Patsy gets hysterical due to witnessing Elizabeth killing Jurgen Prochnow.

Full Eclipse (1993) [Casey Spencer]: Fatally injured in a fall when she and Mario Van Peebles jump from a window to escape Bruce Payne, and she lands on top of a car. She dies in Mario's arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Farzad)

Mario Puzo's The Last Don II (1998) [Josie Cirolia]: Reportedly strangled by a hitman. (Thanks to Kefka)

Hell's Gate (Bad Karma) (2001) [Agnes Thatcher]: Burned to death when she falls into a fireplace after Amy Locane chops off her hand with an axe (to stop Patsy from killing Patrick Muldoon). (Patsy had also previously been shot in the back by Patrick to stop her from killing Amy.) (Thanks to G-Man)

Murder in Mind: Flashback (2002) [Angela Stephenson]: Reportedly bludgeoned to death with an ashtray by Nigel Havers. (Thanks to Johan)
Patsy Kensit in 'Lethal Weapon 2'
Patsy Kensit (1968 - )
Ex-Mrs. Dan Donovan
(of Big Audio Dynamite)
Ex-Mrs. Jim Kerr
(of Simple Minds)
Ex-Mrs. Liam Gallagher
(of Oasis)
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