Paula Raymond (Rae Patterson/Paula Rae Wright) before her off-screen death in 'Inside Straight'
Paula Raymond (1924 - 2003)
a.k.a. Rae Patterson, a.k.a. Paula Rae Wright
Inside Straight (1951) [Zoe Carnot]: Dies in childbirth (off-screen); we learn of her death afterwards when David Brian comes to see her and finds her room empty.

Blood of Dracula's Castle (1969) [Countess Townsend]: Rapidly ages and crumbles to dust, along with Alexander D'Arcy, after Gene Otis Shane and Jennifer Bishop tie them to chairs and expose them to sunlight. (Afterwards, two bats emerge from the dust, suggesting that they might have survived, but I'll list this just in case.) (Thanks to Stephen)

Five Bloody Graves (1970) [Kansas Kelly]: Stabbed in the back by a Yaqui warrior.

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