Phyllis Diller in 'Night Gallery: Pamela's Voice'
Phyllis Diller (1917 - 2012)
Mad Monster Party (1969; animated) [The Monster's Mate]: Killed in an explosion (along with everyone else on the island) when Baron Frankenstein (voiced by Boris Karloff) drops the vial of his formula. (Played for comic effect.)

Night Gallery: Pamela's Voice (1971) [Pamela]: Pushed down a flight of stairs (off-screen) by John Astin, several months before the episode begins; she appears as a ghost throughout the episode, and her body is shown lying in her coffin (rapidly cross-cut with shots of John's body in his own coffin) towards the end of the episode.

Joys (1976) [Phyllis Diller]: Killed by Johnny Carson. (I haven't seen this, but I've read that every single guest star in the special was killed one by one by a mysterious figure who was ultimately revealed as Johnny.) (Played for comic effect.)
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