Pippa Steel in 'Lust for a Vampire'
Pippa Steel (1948 - 1992)
The Vampire Lovers (1970) [Laura]: Gradually drained of blood by Ingrid Pitt; she is lying in bed with her father (Peter Cushing) at her bedside when the doctor arrives and pronounces her dead. (Nudity alert: Topless when the doctor checks her heartbeat)

Lust for a Vampire (To Love a Vampire) (1971) [Susan Pelley]: Bitten on the throat by Yutte Stensgaard; the scene cuts away with Pippa screaming before the actual bite, then cuts back to her body lying on the ground when Ralph Bates finds her and drops her down a well.  Her body is shown again when the police inspector goes down the well, and again when her father comes to claim her remains.
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