Polly Walker in 'Patriot Games'
Polly Walker (1966 - )
Patriot Games (1992) [Annette]: Shot in the chest by Sean Bean on the deck of the boat, after Sean kills Patric Bergin and Polly pulls her own gun on Sean.

Sliver (1993) [Vida Warren]: Slashed to death by Tom Berenger in a stairwell, shown in very quick cutaways interspersed with other shots; her body is shown afterwards when Sharon Stone discovers Tom kneeling over Polly's body. (Nudity alert: Topless for a split-second, most likely a body double) (Thanks to Dick Hertz)

Dark Harbor (1998) [Alexis Chandler Weinberg]: Poisoned when Norman Reedus feeds her a poisonous mushroom. (Thanks to Darth Mirror)

Clash of the Titans (2010) [Cassiopeia]: Rapidly ages to death when Ralph Fiennes uses his godly powers on her. (The aged version of the character was played by Katherine Loeppky.) (Thanks to Binky)
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