Rachael Bella in 'Jimmy and Judy'
Rachael Bella (1984 - )
Edward Furlong
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Lessons (2002) [Dead Girl]: Appears to Michelle Trachtenberg as a ghost, claiming to have been killed by a werewolf; it's later revealed that she and the other "ghosts" are actually illusions manifested by a talisman, but I'll go ahead and list this just in case.

Jimmy and Judy (2006) [Judy]: Killed in a car crash, along with Edward Furlong, when she drives through a police roadblock; her body is shown afterwards in the wreckage, shown through the viewpoint of her video camera. (Thanks to Kelli)

Drive Thru (2007) [Starfire]: Killed (off-screen) by Van De La Plante in John Gilbert's garage; her body is shown afterwards when Penn Badgley discovers her in a freezer. (Thanks to Cody)
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