Rachel Miner in 'Fatwa'
Rachel Miner (1980 - )
Granddaughter of Worthington Miner and Frances Fuller
Daughter of Peter Miner
(television producer/director)
Sister of Peter Miner Jr.
Ex-Mrs. Macauley Culkin
Fatwa (2006) [Cassie Davidson]: Poisoned, along with Lacey Chabert, when they take tainted heroin that Roger Guenveur Smith had prepared for them; Rachel's mother (Lauren Holly) helplessly watches the webcam feed of their deaths while locked in Roger's taxicab. Their bodies are shown again later on when Mykelti Williamson discovers them.

Tooth & Nail (2007) [Neon]: Hit on the head with a spiked club by Nicole DuPort. (Thanks to Utonium and Zack)
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