Rachel Weisz in 'The Mummy Returns'
Rachel Weisz (1970 - )
Daniel Craig
Sunshine (1999) [Greta]: Dies (off-screen) in a concentration camp; her death is mentioned in Ralph Fiennes' narration. (Thanks to Gary and Alli)

The Mummy Returns (2001) [Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell/Princess Nefertiri]: Stabbed in the stomach by Patricia Velasquez at the oasis, she dies in Brendan Fraser's arms shortly afterwards. She is later brought back to life when her son (Freddie Boath) reads a mystical incantation in the tomb. (Thanks to Jeff, David, and Josh)

The Constant Gardener (2005) [Tessa Quayle]: Murdered (off-screen; exact method unclear, though her body appears to be at least partially burned) by hitmen when they attack her taxi; her body is shown afterwards (mostly covered by a sheet) when Ralph Fiennes goes to the morgue to identify her. (Thanks to Tony)

Constantine (2005) [Angela Dodson/Isabel Dodson]: Playing a dual role as twin sisters, "Isabel" commits suicide by jumping from the roof of a hospital; her death is shown in "Angela's" dream/vision, and her body is shown afterwards as "Angela" investigates. Her death is shown again when Keanu Reeves sees it being re-enacted in Hell. (Thanks to TravellingMan)

The Fountain (2006) [Izzi Creo/Queen Isabel]: Playing a dual role in the parallel storylines, "Izzi" dies of a brain tumor in the hospital. ("Isabel" survives her portion of the movie.) (Thanks to ND and Nemanja)

Agora (2009) [Hypatia]: Suffocated when Max Minghella covers her mouth and nose with his hand, as a mercy killing to spare her from being stoned to death by a mob. (Nudity alert: Rear) (Thanks to Robert)

Dream House (2011) [Libby]: Mistakenly shot to death by Elias Koteas, who had been hired to kill Naomi Watts. Her death is shown in a flashback, and she appears as a ghost to Daniel Craig. (Thanks to Tommy)
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