Regina Carrol in 'Satan's Sadists'
Regina Carrol (1943 - 1992)
a.k.a. Gina Adamson, a.k.a. Regina Gelfan
Daughter of
Barney Gelfan
Al Adamson
Satan's Sadists (Nightmare Bloodbath) (1969) [Gina]: Commits suicide by deliberately crashing her motorcycle down a hillside, after being rejected by Russ Tamblyn; she dies shortly afterwards, while saying Russ' name.

Brain of Blood (The Creature's Revenge; The Oozing Skull; The Undying Brain) (1972) [Tracey Wilson]: Falls down a mountainside while running away from John Bloom; her body is shown (from a distance) lying on the ground below.

Jessi's Girls (Wanted Women) (1975) [Claire]: Shot in the chest during the final shoot-out with Ben Frank's gang in the ghost town.
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