Renee OConnor in 'Night Game'
Renee O'Connor (1971 - )
Night Game (1989) [Lorraine Beasley]: Throat slashed with a prosthetic hook by Rex Linn in a hall of mirrors. (Thanks to HH)

Xena, Warrior Princess: Been There, Done That (1997) [Gabrielle]: While caught in a time loop, she dies twice (but always returns when the day restarts in the morning): (1) Stabbed to death in a swordfight with some villagers. (2) Shot (along with Lucy Lawless and Ted Raimi) with a barrage of arrows after Ted insults both feuding families in an attempt to unite them.

Xena, Warrior Princess: A Family Affair (1998) [Gabrielle/Hope]: Playing a dual role as both "Gabrielle" and her supernaturally-conceived daughter "Hope," "Hope" is stabbed by her own offspring (Mark Viniello) with its poisoned spikes. (Thanks to Drew)

Xena, Warrior Princess: The Ides of March (1999) [Gabrielle]: Crucified, along with Lucy Lawless, on the orders of Karl Urban. (They were brought back to life by Charles Mesure's heavenly powers in the next season's opening episode Fallen Angel.) (Thanks to CR and Drew)

Boogeyman 2 (2007) [Dr. Jessica Ryan]: Decapitated with garden shears by Danielle Savre, after Matthew Cohen had placed his mask on the near-catatonic Renee so that Danielle would mistake her for him; her identity is revealed when the mask is taken off of the severed head. (Thanks to Frank)
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