Rikke Louise Andersson in 'Nightwatch' (1994)
Rikke Louise Andersson (1972 - )
Nightwatch (Nattevagten) (1994) [Joyce]: Stabbed repeatedly in the stomach by Ulf Pilgaard in her apartment. Her body is shown again when Sofie Grabol enters and discovers her, not knowing that Ulf is still in the apartment; after Sofie leaves, Ulf returns to the body and prepares to scalp her (the scene cuts away just as he does). Her body is shown yet again when Nikolaj Coster-Waldau confronts Ulf in the morgue. (See also Alix Koromzay in the 1997 remake.) (Nudity alert: Topless & rear)

Taxa: Episode 50 (1999) [Tanja]: Shot to death (off-camera) by Morten Eisner inside their car; we only hear the shot as Anders W. Berthelsen and Sofie Grabol look on in horror. Her body is shown afterwards as Morten brings it out of the car. (Thanks to Johan)
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