Robin Tunney in 'Niagara Niagara'
Robin Tunney (1972 - )
Mrs. Bob Gosse
Julian Po (The Tears of Julian Po) (1997) [Sarah]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by drowning herself in the river. We only see a scene of Christian Slater discovering her suicide note; her body is never shown.

Niagara Niagara (1997) [Marcy]: Shot in the head by a policeman in a department store, after she grabs another officer's gun; she dies moments later as Henry Thomas kneels by her side. (Thanks to Steve)

Supernova (2000) [Danika Lund]: Sucked into the vacuum of space when Peter Facinelli opens the airlock.

Prison Break: Manhunt (2006) [Veronica Donovan]: Shot by a secret service agent in Jeff Perry's house, while Dominic Purcell listens helplessly over the phone. (Thanks to Rocky and Neil)
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