Ruth Roman (1922 - 1999)
The Far Country (1954) [Ronda Castle]: Shot to death in the crossfire of a gunfight between James Stewart and John McIntire. (Thanks to Eugene)

Joe MacBeth (1955) [Lily MacBeth]: Shot to death by Paul Douglas when he fires at the doorway in panic; we see her stagger out and die after he shoots.

Great Day in the Morning (1956) [Boston Grant]: Stabbed to death by Raymond Burr in his saloon.

The Killing Kind (1973) [Rhea Benson]: Burned to death in a house fire set by John Savage, after he forces her to drink until she passes out. (It's possible that she was already dead from alcohol poisoning when he burned the house down).

Impulse (I Love to Kill; Want a Ride, Little Girl?) (1974) [Julia Marstow]: Drowned in a fishtank by William Shatner. (Thanks to Mark)

Jack the Ripper Goes West (A Knife for the Ladies) (1974) [Elizabeth]: Shot to death by Jack Elam. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)
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Ruth Roman in 'The Far Country'