Sabrina in 'The Ice House'
Sabrina (1933 - )
Not to be confused with any number of adult film stars
using the same name
The Ice House (Cold Blood; Love in Cold Blood; The Passion Pits) (1969) [Venus De Marco]: Strangled in her apartment by David Story during one of his blackouts; we see a "psychedelic" montage when the blackout starts, then her body is shown afterwards when he regains consciousness with his hands around her throat. A lengthy sequence follows showing his attempts to hide her body, until he finally hides her in the ice house. Her body is shown again when it accidentally winds up on the conveyor belt and is sent through the chute while Nancy Dow is outside; finally, both Sabrina's and Nancy's bodies are shown when Robert Story discovers them in the ice house. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)
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