Samantha Mathis (with Marcus Johns) in 'The Punisher' (2004)
Samantha Mathis and Marcus Johns dead (with Thomas Jane) in 'The Punisher'
Samantha Mathis (1970 - )
Daughter of Bibi Besch
Super Mario Bros. (1993) [Princess Daisy/Queen Toadstool]: Playing a dual role as mother and daughter, the mother "Queen Toadstool" is crushed to death/buried alive when an underground tunnel collapses on her as she's backing away from Dennis Hopper. (The daughter "Princess Daisy" survives the movie.)

The Twilight Zone: Into the Light (2003) [Rachel Stark]: Falls from the rooftop when she pushes Kyle Labine off the roof to stop him from shooting the people below; she dies shortly after Reed Diamond rushes to her side. (Thanks to Andrew)

The Punisher (2004) [Maria Castle]: Run over, along with her son (Marcus Johns), by a truck driven by John Travolta's thugs, while Marcus and Samantha are running away along a pier.

'Salem's Lot (2004) [Susan Norton]: Killed by Rob Lowe after she's transformed into a vampire. (Thanks to Charm)
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